Thursday, January 15, 2015

Physical Therapy!

Jenny, a running coach, said my broken ankle may have been a blessing in disguise. I did not feel blessed; I felt damned unlucky!

But, I have finished up my physical therapy at Peak Motion Their theory is that movement is the best medicine. They set up a program that kicked my butt. Seriously, I spent 2 hours there, twice a week for six weeks. I worked out....hard. I had to carry a towel around to mop up the sweat.

Now I am running again and I feel stronger than I have in years. My knees are better, my ankles are better, I am faster, I can (almost) jump. I am pretty excited!!

So what's on the schedule for the spring? Lots of fun. First is the Mt. Taylor Quad. I want my Doubler scarf.  Last year, I made a really stupid mistake. I left all of my food in the wrong drop bag. It took me over 7 1/2 hours to finish the race and I did it with only a banana and one gel. I was ravenous by the end. I thought it was going to be an Alferd Packer finish.

This year I will have my  own bike and I WILL HAVE CALORIES!

But the big event is Bighorn 100. I am focused on it. There will be a number of races along the way as preparation: Behind the Rocks 50 miler in Moab the end of March. Cedro Peak in April....I just need to decide whether 45k will be enough, or should I do 45 miles??? A new race in New Mexico, Cactus to Cloud 50k in May. Will probably do Jemez 50k towards the end of May. And then I will RETIRE!!! And play and play and play! And complete Bighorn!!!

I will complete Bighorn!

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