Sunday, December 21, 2014

Running again

Three months after I broke my ankle, I finally feel like I am "running" again. It has been a long road back and I still don't have much endurance. But, I ran today. Without guarding every step.

Going to Leadville over Christmas to do some cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Getting ready for the Quad. This year....well, this year it will be better, right? We always have plans for improvement. This year, I will remember to take food. This year, I will be riding my own bike. This year, I know what to expect. This year, I will probably be slower. That is how life goes.

A bone to pick: In this month's issue of UltraRunner, there is an article about NOT asking to pass (Trail Right/Trail Left by Errol “Rocket” Jones). His argument is that if you're behind him on a trail, then you should just relax and not worry about passing. After all, if you were in contention, you wouldn't be behind him. This is missing the point. You may be in contention for the 60-69 year old women's award. You may have stepped off the trail to, uh, you know... and he passed you and now you want to pass him again. You may be getting your second wind and want by. Why is he so upset about stepping aside for two seconds? After all, he is not in contention!!

My rant for the day.

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