Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Shoes

Oh boy, oh boy. I have new shoes. These shoes are going to be perfect. I'm sure of it!! I am coupling the Altra Superior 2.0 with the Keen TR86.

Altra Superior 2.0

The Keen shoe is fairly minimalist and quite cheap; the Altra has lots of cushioning but still flexes. I think switching these two off during Bighorn 100 will be the perfect strategy. I will start with the Keens, and wear them during the first 50 which has some nasty uphill sections.

At the half way point, I'll switch into the Altras. More cushioning and a big ole toe box will be like heaven. They will be fantastic for the downhill sections

I am going to be so ready this year!!!!

But first, there's a 50K (Sugar Loaves) down by Los Cruces on January 31. Then I have the Quad....I think I'll go skiing tomorrow. Gotta get used to the new skis. I am going to be awesome!!

I wish. I hope. Oh please......

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