Sunday, June 8, 2014

Waiting for Big Horn Wild and Scenic 100 miler

After the Jemez 50K, I headed out to see the grand kids. One of their semi-regular activities is a run through the neighborhood to the nearest playground. Some of the kids prefer to bike, but Avery is a runner. It was great fun, running with the kids and Jonas!!

My planning for the trip was based on a) following a hard 50K with some down time, b) getting back to elevation well before the Big Horn race, and c) allowing time for me to catch a cold and recover prior to the race. Not that I'm a pessimist, but I often catch a cold while traveling and especially when I see the kids. However, this time I remained totally healthy. YES!!

Some things, though, cannot be planned for. My father has been on the decline for months. I went to see him in April, afraid that it would be my last visit with him. Last week, I got the news that he was not doing well. Friday, he died. Now Dad was not just an ordinary man; he was an inspiration. He worked, hard, all his life. He loved unconditionally. He was my cheer leader for 60 years. He taught me to love the woods.

I remember when I was preparing for the Leadville 100 back in 2004. It would be my first 100 mile attempt. I told him about it and he was pretty amazed. He told the folks at the Assisted Living facility that I was prepping for a 100 miler and they assumed that he was confused. Surely his daughter was only training for a marathon. When I completed it, he bragged on my accomplishment, "My daughter ran a 100 mile race in Colorado." Again, they figured he was confused. Then a writer for the Laramie Boomerang ran an article on the race and my finish. One of the employees brought the clipping to the Assisted Living and posted it. My Dad's memory was vindicated and his pride was evident.

The funeral will be Tuesday. I will be back to Albuquerque on Wednesday. I will do my  best to remember the good times and the lessons he taught me. I wanted to finish this run in time for him to brag once again. I really wanted him to live forever.

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