Sunday, May 25, 2014

Last long run before.....Big Horn

Jemez Mountain Trail Run 50K was set up as my last long run of training for the Big Horn 100. I debated about going for the 50 mile vs 50K. Last year I started the 50 miler and dropped at mile 36. I was so hot I thought I was gonna die. I couldn't face that long trip around the caldera. Hot and dusty is not for me. I chose the 50K. Thank heavens.

It was a totally different experience this year. We tried camping (RV) in the mountains. Went up on Thursday and things were good. And then it rained. And hailed. And rained Thursday night. Friday morning? The RV battery was dead. We debated about buying a new battery or heading home. Since it was cold and raining, with rain predicted for Friday and Saturday, we headed home.

Saturday morning race start was 6 AM. I left the house at 3 AM and drank a thermos of coffee and ate an egg salad sandwich on the drive up. It rained on the way. At the start, it was dry but I had seen the forecast. I didn't bother with sun screen or sun glasses. I did take a rain poncho and a long sleeve shirt.

Everything was going well. I power-hiked the major climbs. My feet were fine. My GI system was fine. It was warm and sunny (sun screen?????). About mile 20, some mostly naked man went streaking by. That was Tony! He was running the 50 mile race and was way ahead of everyone else.

About mile 25 or so, it started to drizzle. There was the occasional sound of thunder. The wind picked up. The temperature dropped. And it began to rain in earnest.  I made it to the end wet but feeling good. Others were not so lucky. Seems there was a blizzard going on at the higher altitudes. They stopped the race and worked on getting runners off the mountain and warmed up.

As a training run, it was a success. I did not feel bad, my feet were good, really couldn't complain. I had plenty left in the tank. However, the thought of running the course two more times was completely unfathomable. Seriously. How will I complete Big Horn? I am muy loco!!

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  1. Glad the run was more successful than our camping trip.