Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hershey Chocolate Tree and the South Crest Trail

I planned a 15 mile run today on the South Crest Trail of the Sandias. The idea was to run the South Crest to Bart's trail, and then return on the Faulty Trail. Very simple.

Everything was going according to plans. Sadie and I were have a nice jaunt, heading up and up and up. We saw some spectacular views and were buffeted by the wind but only while on the crest. I passed the Embudito Trail junction, just as planned. While in the middle of some very large aspens and pines, I took a short break to eat a gel. One tree, right by the trail, had this tag on it. What does it mean?

Dang, I don't know. But I think it is an omen!!
My son and the grand kids live in Hershey, PA, home of Hershey chocolate. I was eating a chocolate gel, and 1954 is the year of my birth. It MUST mean something, right?

I continued on, wondering HOW FAR TO BART'S TRAIL. Surely I missed it. I MUST have missed it. It couldn't be that far, right? So, I turned around and headed back, figuring I should play it safe, since I was out of food and we had tickets to go see Lincoln this afternoon (I thought it was good. I definitely recommend it, even at 2:30.).

Got home and checked the map. I think I was within .1 mile of Bart's trail when I turned around. Turned out to be about 17 miles.

Feeling good about running. Love the Sandias. Unbelievable views! So much fun and it is still warm...speaking of which, I was in shorts and a short sleeved shirt. Passed some folks who had on hats, gloves, and down jackets. Will I become cold blooded if I live here long enough?

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