Saturday, December 8, 2012

Signing up for races....

Goals for 2013: I signed up for my first race of the year. May 25th, Jemez Mountain Run 50 miles. Let the training begin??

I've been trying to develop some running friends here in ABQ. I enjoy running alone but I also enjoy having running buds. I mean, Sadie is always there for me, ready to run whenever, wherever. But....well, she doesn't contribute much to the conversation, she never drives, and she can't join me for races. Therefore, I joined the Albuquerque Road Runners and the ABQ Girlfriends on the Run meetup.

I went to one trail run with the ARR and there was NO WAY I could keep up the the two men who showed up. The ABQ Girlfriends have tons of runs, but they are mostly on the road. Christy Dafter has been setting up trail runs every couple of weeks, and that is good but...I started a meetup called the Sandia Trail Runners.

Today Tyrone, Jessica and I ran the Pino Trail. It is a steep sucker, climbing 2800 feet in 4.7 miles (according to the map I have). Coming back down Tyrone and I were talking about how easy it is to wipe out on a trail like that and bragging about the fantastic spills we have taken. My theory is that if you talk about falling, you won't fall. Wrong. I splattered myself on the trail. I have bruises and scrapes that I cannot explain, including my left ankle, right ankle, ribs, right knee and my right arm (wrist to elbow). I called Mary Ann on my way home and told her, "Don't worry. There's a lot of blood, but the injuries are not at all serious," "Sadie or you? she asked. "Me." "OK, no problem. Come on home." Yes, she has told me if Sadie gets injured while running with me, I shouldn't bother coming home.

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