Sunday, November 25, 2012

The new year is not that far away. With a new year, comes a new racing season. Amazingly, sign up for many summer trail runs starts soon after the new year. Which means....I need to figure out my racing schedule for 2013.
So many to choose from:
Definitely Jemez Mountain Runs in May
Perhaps Big Horn Scenic Trail Run in June or maybe the San Juan Solstice run. They're always on the same day.
Maybe the Mt. Taylor Quad in February (if I could ski, that is).
The Run Through Time in Salida in March?
Lots of choices in April....Desert Rat Trail Festival in Fruita or the Cheyenne Mountain Trail race in Colorado Springs or Cedro Peak right here in the Sandias of Albuquerque?
Obviously, developing my schedule requires a multi-variable data file complete with dates, distances, difficulty, price, and date that the entry opens. This is perhaps more work than I can deal with right now.

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