Monday, May 18, 2015


I'm  retired!! After way too many years, I can put my books and red pens away. I am done! Went to my last graduation. Twenty years of teaching undergrads and grads plus numerous years of being a researcher. Wow. Done.

So, what do I do now? I can run, but only so much. I can be with the grand kids, but they live so far away. I can write that book....uh, no I can't.

I figure it will take a while to settle in. I want to set up the garage so I can do some woodworking. I want to learn to weave. I want to explore New Mexico. I want to GET THIS HORRIBLE CARPETING OUT OF THE HOUSE and put in flooring.

But first, I want to get ready for Bighorn. Yep, it is only 31 days away. I can't imagine running 100 miles. I can't imagine covering the ups and downs of that course. And yet, I have paid my money, made my reservations, lined up my pacers and crew and announced to the world (only a few people were paying attention) that I am going to try it again.

Training is almost finished. I went out on Sunday to do my last long run. Tripped, lurched forward and pulled a muscle. I guess now I work on recovering.

And go see my grand kids!!! Woot!! Wanted to do a race with them bit it isn't going to work. Linus, Elise, Avery and Isaias.....I will see you this weekend!

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