Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My magic shoes are dead!!i

Oh no, there are holes in the uppers and the bottoms are becoming slick. My magic shoes only  lasted about 4 months.

The Altra Superior 2.0 is my new fave. This poor pair has seen a lot of trails since January 22.

Let's see, they have done three 50 k's, a 45 miler, a 50 miler, and heaven only knows how many training miles. They gone in the snow, the dust, the mud, the sand and especially the rocks. They have earned their retirement.

I have another pair!!! Just like these only gray. I took them out for a 30 miler on Sunday. They felt like magic but they betrayed me! I stubbed my toe and lurched forward, hurting my butt muscles. Then I did it again and this time it hurt worse. And again. And for-heaven's-sake-what-is-wrong-with-me AGAIN. The final time I really hurt my butt muscles. Really. Like ouch!!! Like, oh crap I have to walk home. Seven miles of pain every time I moved my leg forward. Crapola!!
OK, these magic shoes need to be broken in a bit, I guess. They feel great right out of the box, but they must be just a little different. 

I love my magic shoes! They will be ready for Bighorn!!!

Powder River.
Let 'er buck!!

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