Monday, July 21, 2014

332 more days til Big Horn 2015

I clicked on the Big Horn Wild and Scenic Trail Run site today. This is what was on the home page:

I guess it is time to start training.

Seriously, I have to go back and complete this race. It is driving me nuts. I hate failing. I know, I know, I didn't fail. I just had too many problems but I showed remarkable courage. Blah!!! I know that I didn't meet the goal I set for myself. How do I know? Because when I click on the 2014 Results link, my name is not there!! Oh well, wait til next year.

Meanwhile, my dog Scout is having some problems. She can't run. It's as if her legs will not switch from a walk to a run. She wants to, but she just can't do it. She was running 10, 15, even 20 miles with me. I noticed her gait was strange. I also noticed that she was lagging behind. I finally figured out that she was unable to stay with me because of her gait.

We've taken her to the vet. From there, we were referred to a veterinary neurologist. He, unfortunately, doesn't have an answer. There are lots of tests that he can run, from nerve transduction testing to a MRI. These costs big bucks. I could probably justify the expense if I thought we would get a definitive answer. He doesn't really have a hypothesis regarding the problem. His original thought was myasthenia gravis, but her test result was negative.

So we're back to square 1. My question: do we continue the testing? As it is, she can manage a 4 mile easy run, if it isn't too hot. This is not why I got her; I wanted a companion for my long runs. I can be content with a 4 mile dog. But what if there is something wrong, which if found, can be corrected? More importantly, what if there is something which if not found and corrected, will kill her?

Poor little Scout. Cheryl says she is an alien dog, sent here to love and be loved. Someday the mother ship will call her back and learn much from her regarding love, life, happiness, and mountains.

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