Saturday, February 1, 2014

Filling up the Dance Card

There is a lot of talk among the running groups about what races people are signing up for.

My first run will be in Salida, CO: the Run through Time Marathon. I have done this one several times, but only once on the new course. I LIKE the new course. The challenge for this one is the weather. There may be deep snow, it may be COLDER than crap. It may be totally awesome. This one is March 15th.

But before that, I will be doing the Mt. Taylor Quadrathalon. A short little bike ride followed by  a short run, a shorter cross country ski and then a really short snowshoe. You top out at 11,300 feet. Oh, then you turn around and go back to the start. The downhill ski is the part that has me scared.

Then I'll do the Cedro Peak 45 miler, the Bighorn 100 and who knows what after that.

The crazy thing is I just turned 60. Are you kidding me? Sixty years old? Ancient. I feel ancient. I am working so hard to act enthused about this. I am acting like it is a great opportunity to place in races. But I am really freaked out. Really. Freaked out.

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