Saturday, January 11, 2014

Even older

This Dusty Ole Gramma is getting even older. Yep, another birthday. Entering a new age group. Time to pick some races and take home some medals, right?

It is winter and this is the time of year when picking a race schedule is so much fun. You think you can do anything....when it is the off season. How about a couple of hundred milers? Sure, I can do that. Multi-day events? No problem. Multi-sport events? You betcha!

I finally made a decision: Big Horn 100 I've done the 50K twice. I've done the 50M twice. Time to step it up. My plan had been to run Leadville this year. They seem to have really screwed up though by letting too many people in the race. And Leadville is a huge production with numerous crew stops, no place to stay, etc.

Big Horn is smaller and simpler. And harder? Maybe. It seems that people are more independent. Sure, you can have pacers. You can have crew meet you a couple places along the course. But overall, 100 milers seem to just go out and do it.

Let the training begin!!!!

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