Monday, September 16, 2013

Summer is almost over...waaaaa!

It has been quite a year. My first year in the desert, in Albuquerque, teaching for New Mexico State, and being sponsored by... oh wait, of course I don't have a sponsor!

And that is just fine.

I have had the bejeezus scared out of me recently. Sadie, Scout and I ran up Embudo for about 3 miles. That meant we got to turn around and run DOWN Embudo. I love running down hill. I was cruising as fast as my old legs could take me. I cam around a switchback and realized that my foot was on course to land on a snake. How can a person change direction in mid air? I don't know but I missed the snake by a couple of inches.
Now that snake was about 3 feet long with a pattern on its back. I quickly glanced on that head...a beautiful head!! A beautiful snake. In other words, non-poisonous.

Once I recovered enough to breath, I started off down the hill again, but a bit more slowly this time. And that was good because about 10 steps further on I saw another snake. This time, there was no need to examine it. I KNEW it was a rattlesnake. Again, about 3 feet long but much fatter than the gopher snake I had just avoided. This scared the crap out of me (ok, not literally).  This snake was stretched out across the trail and both dogs were on the other side. I guess they just ran right over it. When I stopped, they decided they'd better come back and check on me. NOOOOOOO, I yelled. Sadie came trotting up the trail towards me. She was just about to step on it but it moved its head to look at her. She jumped to the side, right into a prickly pear cactus. Then Scout figured she'd better join us. She walked right over it. It looked at her but didn't strike. It then slithered off the trail.

Ya know, that was way too close.  That was way scary. I really really didn't like that.

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