Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pikes Peak or Bust

It has been quite a summer! Whooohooo (or "woot" as the cool people now say)!! I have so enjoyed my running. So many trails, so many wildflowers, friends, dogs, mountain highs and river lows. I don't feel old today!

I reminded Linus that he had called me a dusty ole gramma. He look chagrined. He said I am not a dusty ole gramma. I am a nice gramma. I feel redeemed. Actually, Linus can be a tough cookie. We had some real butting of heads last year. But now, he is ready to start kindergarten and he is a much easier little guy.

I spent two days with the grands last week. Avery, Elise and I ran a couple miles together. Elise did great. Avery did fantastic. Wish I could run with them often.

Now I am thinking about Leadville 100 for 2014. I set a goal of running it every even year until at least 2014, when I will be 60. Few women over 60 have successfully completed it. Who knows how many will make it this year (we will find out tomorrow at 10:00 AM). I missed 2012 due to surgery. I have not really felt committed to the task, but now I am thinking about it. I will need to sign up in January  if I want to do it. It is not cheap.The entry fee is substantial, enough so that you don't sign up "just in case I decide to do it." I have asked a couple of people to help crew and pace. They are excited about it. So, maybe I will!

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