Saturday, August 6, 2016

What's next? Don't ask!

My toenails are still attached but they won't be for long. My feet have a new layer of skin, with only a little bit of callous. My weight is back to normal and I almost feel recovered. Thanks, Bighorn 100! Loved every minute of it.

Next, though, is a very different race. Resurrection Pass  is next Friday.
I'll be flying up to Anchorage to meet up with Jen Goyette. We did the 50 miler a couple of years ago and last year we ran Grand Canyon R2R2R. Why not try the 100?

What makes this race attractive (other than Jen)? Well, it will be cool, not the furnace of the canyons in Bighorn. It is not extreme in terms of elevation change, but there is plenty of climbing and descending. At 3000 feet, you are really above treeline. Not bad.

The wildflowers are fantastic. There may be moose and bear (is this a plus? Not sure). And it is free! This is a fat ass style race. No shirts, no buckles, no aid stations. Seriously, no aid stations. There are two places for drop bags (mile 42 and mile 67). Those are the only places you can quit, too. 

I will pack up tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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