Sunday, December 20, 2015

Here we go again

Is it time already? To figure out what races I will run next year? I am getting emails that this or that race is 75% full or the price will increase in one week or registration will open in a couple days. I can't think that far ahead.

But I will be trying for the Quad again this year. And I signed up for Bighorn again. Other than that? Who knows?

My best running buddy, Sadie, is doing great at 8 years of age. She's the one on the right. Scout is only 3, but she is not doing so well.

She has the heart of a trail running dog but the vertebral column of ... well, let's just say that there are some congenital abnormalities. I resigned myself to not having her to run with. I figured we could walk together or maybe even trot around for a few miles. But over the past couple of months, she has had more and more pain. We finally took her to the neurologist. She had a pretty extensive surgery to try to stabilize the lumbo-sacral region. While it would be absolutely wonderful if she could run again, it will be fantastic if she can walk.

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