Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Never Summer 100K is around the corner

According to the GNAR website, the Never Summer race has lots of "charm." I guess charm, in this case, includes overgrown trails, mosquitoes, confusing paths, streams to cross and mud up to your shins (oh crap, I hate mud).

Oh well, in that case, I have nothing to worry about!

Yeah, I am gonna crush the course. I am gonna go out there and run like I own the Never Summers. I am gonna stay hydrated. I am gonna eat 200 calories every hour (EVERY hour). I am gonna tape my feet so well that the tape will NEVER come off. 

I am gonna run through the mud with a smile on my face. I am gonna whiz through every aid station, grab a cup of Coke, some taters, a PB&J, some chips. I will refill my bladder and NEVER SIT DOWN. 

I am gonna take my best headlamp and I will even learn how to turn it on! I will elude the mountain lions, run with the moose, spook the deer, and chase the bighorn sheep.

I am gonna do everything right this time. And even though Grandmas are allowed to have pacers starting at mile 30, I am gonna do this one all by myself. No pacer, no crew. Just me and the mountains.

The RD has posted lots of pictures on Facebook. Below is a sample of what I have to look forward to. Unfortunately, I may also experience mosquitoes, mud, the dark of night, perhaps a storm with thunder and lightning and hail. 

It is easy to be excited and positive now, with the race more than 2 weeks off. It is easy to remember only lessons learned from Bighorn and forget the total mental meltdown that I experienced.

I will finish up my specific training and then enter the taper zone. I have learned that I can never predict what will actually happen and how I will respond. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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