Thursday, April 9, 2015

Breaking your rules

I realized I totally broke the rule, "Don't complain and don't explain." I explained and complained about my race at Behind the Rocks. Bad, bad. Maybe I should add a qualifier, "except when the RD does something stupid."

OK, that is over. Today I am totally psyched to run Cedro Peak on Saturday.

I know the course, the RD, Kim King, is meticulous (some might call her anal/compulsive), the weather will be good and I am totally ready.

I am getting soooo close to retirement that I can almost taste it. Only one more month. Mary Ann and I have way too many plans for traveling this summer/fall. Bighorns, Laramie, Cloudroft, Bryce, Gould (CO), Grand Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, and Hershey, PA.

Hershey, PA to see the grand kids. I miss them. Think I will try to get us all signed up for a 5k on Memorial Day. Can take them to buy running shorts and they will get a new T-shirt. Oh boy, oh They only think their Gramma Gail is old and dusty.

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