Sunday, November 30, 2014


Always the doubts; I am too old, too slow, too tired, or too lazy. But now I have a new one (of course): I am too clumsy. Dang, I went out and fell again. No real injuries but I hurt all over. Even my ear was bleeding. I guess this comes from not running. Just forgot to pick up my feet. I tripped several times, but only went down once.

Scout has been going with me. I figure it is cool, I am very slow, and not covering much distance. She is going great!! Yes, she runs funny, but she and Sadie have been having a lot of fun out there. That's cool.

I am trying to set up a training schedule. I want a 50 miler around the middle of April. Can't find one. Will keep looking.

Meanwhile, perhaps I need to buy some more stuff?

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