Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dusty ole gramma bites the dust

Yep,  my  summer is now officially over. There weren't as many successes this year as last, but hey, it was good.

The 50 mile Devil Mountain run just about did me in. Very slow. Funny, some man which Cheryl dubbed "the gnome" ran up to me and said that no woman over 60 had ever completed. Guess I had to then. And I did.

Tired of training; tired of racing; tired of being tired. Made a firm pledge that once Canyon de Chelly was over, I would take a real break. Ran Mt. Taylor with Ranie. We had fun together. I forgot that I was supposed to be racing, at least some of the time. I did run fairly hard, for me. Enjoyed the experience. Then two weeks left to recover before Canyon de Chelly. Really looking forward to it. A different experience.

One bad step, though, cancelled my plans for Canyon de Chelly. Running down the foothills from "the tree." Stepped on a boulder, rolled the ankle and sat down on the offending boulder. The ankle immediately swelled. I figured if I sat there very long, it would get stiff and hurt even more, so I jumped up and headed on down the trail. Took close to an hour to make it home. By then, the leg was ginormous. Turns out I broke the fibula down by the ankle. It is now time to rest, recover, heal and get energized for next year. I am going to rest, whether I want to or not!!


  1. I hope your leg gets better fast. Canyon de Chelly was a blast. It was my first ultra. It almost killed me, but it was worth it.

    1. Definitely going to sign up for the next one. Glad you had a great first ultra.